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There are Chemicals in Cosmetics. You’re not Putting on Make-Up. You’re Putting on Chemicals Dear

Why Buy Natural Beauty Products
This post was last updated on February 27th, 2019 at 05:42 pm
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There are chemicals in cosmetics. You’re not putting on make-up. You’re putting on chemicals dear.

Quoted from Mr Lorenzo Cohen, PH.D, in interview with Kris Carr at the Healing Cancer World Summit. Big Beauty Brands are slowly coming around. The clever ones are reforming health products and prioritising more natural ingredients. They are realising that in 2018, health is a hot topic. However, as I said, progress is slow. Lorenzo Cohen’s quote had an impact on me last week. I had turned to natural hair products, deodorants and moisturizers, some time ago. However I have dismissed a few times, the thought, that I should compromise on my make-up. Do these natural brands really make you look as good? Finally, at the weekend, I went out and bought my first Dr Hauscha foundation. As I run out of each make-up product, I will replace with only natural equivalents.

chemicals in makeup

Why buy Natural Beauty Products?

Chemicals in today’s products have not been tested

There are 85,000 chemicals that are currently out there and potentially in use.

And very few of these have actually been tested. It is really important to realize that in the shops you are being bombarded with chemicals.

To minimize your exposure to environmental toxins

Beauty products may contain two different substances which can be problematic:

1. Carcinogens – Substances that can literally cause cancer in themselves
2. Endocrine Disruptors
Chemical substances that modify the natural hormonal system in our body

And it is through the modification of these two, that can be risk factors for cancer.

To get ahead of the curve

There was a day not too long ago, when the Dairy Industry was for many, the epitome of health and when vegan’s were passed as wacky alternative individual’s. Today, many of my friends opt for alternative milks and I am seeing them post instagram pics of green juices and turmeric kale chips.

So guess what?

The same principals apply to the Beauty Industry and the same change WILL come.

The early adoptors are the health freaks, like me. But in years to come, it will go mainstream.

Brands will of course move with the times.

The natural products are here, people are buying but there will come a day when the demand for the most natural of products will soar.

No matter how beautiful the results or how good the branding, people will being to reject the mainstream products for the carcinogens and endocrine disruptors that they have inside them.

How to Identify the Natural Products?

Download the Think Dirty App

This is what I used at the weekend. This clever canadian app helped me to analyse and compare products in the health store. It is an easy and efficient way to learn about the potentially toxic ingredients in products.

Just scan the product barcode and the app will feed you back some very easy-to-understand info on the product. If product does not meet the standard, it will search for cleaner options. Download here

Use the The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

Search for the product on the “EWG Skindeep” website that you want to assess and it will return a clean or toxic rating. They have their own app now also apparently. I plan to have a look at this one during the week.

General health freak extraordinaire obsessed with health research and optimal health performance. Note, I have other loves in my life, these include travel, good coffee, red wine, films & yoga.

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