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Awakening from Alzheimers Regain your Brain: Briefing of the First Episode

Regain Your Brain
This post was last updated on March 12th, 2021 at 01:03 pm

You’re not stuck with the brain you have. You can make it better. Even if you have been bad at it. You just have to put it in a healing environment

Daniel Amen, MD

“Awakening from Alzheimer’s Regain your Brain” is a World Premiere not to be missed.

Regain your Brain – Episode One sets the scene

Regain Your Brain series is a world premiere online video event featuring all-new interviews with 12 of the world’s leading brain experts. This video event is the latest cutting edge discoveries in brain health & neuroscience and it is really fascinating.

The series is running until October 2nd 2018 and I will do my best to watch as many Regain your Brain episodes as I can.

The first episode was called “The Master Plan to Reverse Memory Loss & Regain your Brain” and was hosted by Lee Euler & Peggy Sarlin.

Yes – You can control the health of your brain

Research in 1998 has made us understand how we can grow new brain cells. Over the past few years, scientists have gained the understanding that not only can we grow new brain cells, we can even enhance the process. In certain small parts of the brain, you can actually grow new cells and it turns out that this place is relevant to Alzheimers. However, to control the health of your brain you need a plan and this is what the series aims to help you with.

There are so many underlying causes of Alzheimer’s and this is why all the drugs have failed.

A drug for Alzheimers must address 100 different issues. The drug needs to look at the cause of the problem, not just to treat symptoms. This is why the healing procedure needs to take a customized approach.

Alzheimer’s is now reversible. Almost.

Revolutions in medicine happen very slowly, but things are moving. Doctor’s are reversing Alzheimer’s for some people. Doctors are actually restoring normal memory in people. Normal healthy people are also using advancements to improve performance in highly competitive environments.

Even at advanced stages, it has been shown to be possible to recover some function.

A total cure for dementia is in the works. Brain regain is soon in human trials and things look promising. The series focuses on what people can do right now in order to regain their brain cells.

Many things can cause Alzheimer’s

Multiple things can cause Alzheimer’s and you must target as many as these as possible if you are going to reverse the disease.

Exposure to Mould

Mould can have a very bad effect on the brain. Leaks in a house can cause mould in a roof.

Underlying Infections

Lime disease is a common cause. Underlying infections, viruses, parasites from a pet, herpes, cold-sores, parasitic infections from travel can all be causes.

High Blood Sugar

Type 3 Diabetes is called Alzheimers – it is diabetes of the brain. Diabetes increases the risk of Alzheimers by 50%.

Hormone Deficiencies

Testostorone for men = memory. Estrogen for women = memory. Who knew.


Stress plays a big part in cognitive loss.

Genetic Risk

Bad genes are not a death sentence, they are a wake-up call.

Low levels of BDNF

BDNF is a growth hormone for the brain. With high levels of BDNF, you are resistant from getting Alzheimers in the first place.

BDNF defies what we know about aging. If we amplify this chemical, we get a second chance – It is the key to getting brain back. How to boost BDNF levels will be covered later in the series.

The speakers touch on how to decrease risk of Alzheimers:

Keep learning

When you stop learning your brain stops. Do many different things that stretches the brain in new and different ways. Challenge yourself.


The brain repairs itself with sleep. Dead cells are cleared out, memories worked on. Brain is just as active dreaming as it is when it is awake. REM sleep is brain house-keeping.

We need a 4-stage cycle, several times a night for optimal brain health. We need a good 6.5-8 hours of good restorative sleep quality.

The Regain your brain video series is available to those who miss it.

quality sleep for brain health
quality sleep for brain health


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