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Want to Grow Mentally Stronger? – Adopt a Regular Massage Habit

Benefits Of Regular Massage
This post was last updated on March 22nd, 2019 at 05:36 pm

Why get a regular massage habit in 2018?

In June 2018, the American Society of Clinical Oncology endorsed an evidence-based guideline created by the Society for Integrative Oncology that recommends massage therapy, among other complimentary therapies, for cancer patients. Research indicates that the benefits of getting an “Oncology” massage include improved relaxation, sleep, and immune function as well as relieving anxiety, pain, fatigue and nausea.

Fact is that, more and more and for an increasing number of medical conditions, we are now seeing massage being recommended by the Medical Industry alongside regular treatment. Massage in 2018 is being recognized for its many health benefits. The days of it being rated soley as a pampering session have come and gone.

The below 5 benefits of adopting a regular massage habit highlight the physical, emotional and mental strength benefits of massage therapy.

What are the benefits of adopting a regular massage habit?

  1. Gives your immune system a natural boost

    Mark Rapaport M.D., a professor and chair of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Emory University in Atlanta has lead research in the area and has reported that massage boosts the immune system in a number of ways. It makes you less likely to catch common infections. It also boosts the number of your NK cells, which are very important cells since they serve to protect the body against more serious infections. NK cells or Natural killer cells are a type of lymphocyte (a white blood cell) and a component of the innate immune system. They play a major role in the host-rejection of both tumours and virally infected cells.

  2. Massage boosts immune system

  3. Enjoy a deeper & better quality sleep

    Massage encourages a much deeper and better quality sleep. It decreases cortisol levels (the hormone that is an integral part of your stress response) and increases seratonin and dopamine levels (the hormones that contribute to happiness and better quality sleep).

  4. Greater quality sleep

  5. Become more resilient – less prone to depression or anxiety

    Massage can toughen up your mental state. In a study conducted by the Psychological Bulletin, a great deduction in anxiety and depression was found in patients after massage therapy.

    Resilience to depression and anxiety can give you the strength to respond in a stronger way to challenges that come up rather than to let these challenges drag you down. Massage would be a great physical habit for a “successful thinker” to have.

  6. Increase mental resilience

  7. Increase your mental alertness and strengthen your mental performance

    The following factors greatly affect your mental alertness: amount of sleep in 24 hours, types of foods consumed, amount of daily exercise, exposure to sunlight and water intake and hydration. In addition, studies strongly suggest that massage can be added to this list.

    One study conducted by several universities reports that the massage control group showed increased speed and computational problems after massage therapy.

  8. Strenthen mental performance

  9. Increase your confidence & your self-esteem

    By the very nature of adding a pleasurable therapeutic habit to your lifestyle you are re-inforcing the subconscious belief that your self-indulgence and health are worth investing in.

    A NCBI study proved that the self-esteem of an experimental group of Korean elderly women was positively affected after massage therapy.

  10. Increase confidence

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