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10 Habits you may want to adopt based on Health Research of May 2018

This post was last updated on July 15th, 2018 at 04:51 pm

1. Want to get pregnant now or in the future? Eat more fruit and reduce consumption of fast food.

Research published in medical journal Human Reproduction analysed the diets of women from Ireland, UK, Australia and New Zealand and found that women who ate fruit 3 + times a day increased speed of becoming pregnant. It found that those who ate fast food 4 + times a week delayed speed to conceive.


2. Start the Mediterranean diet or the Nordic Diet to reduce risk of disease says the World Health Organization.

A big study presented compelling evidence that countries could lower rates of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease by promoting the diets.
Both diets are plant-based and both place emphasis on seasonal & locally sourced foods.


3. Have cancer? Lots of exercise is prescribed to you.

It is the first time that researchers have pushed for exercise to be a part of cancer treatment.
The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia has launched its position statement on the prescription for exercise alongside surgery, chemotherapy or radiation in cancer care.


4. How about symptoms of depression? Get going with some resistance training.

Resistance training was shown to effectively reduce depressive symptoms among a group of adults.


5. Worth knowing for everybody: Exercise does actually make the heart younger.

Research in the Journal of Physiology showed that participants over the age of 60, who exercised 2-3 times per week, for at least 30 minutes at a time for many years, had more “youthful” hearts, arteries and vessels than those who didn’t. Those who exercised 4-5 times per week, had even more “youthful” hearts. Check out current guidelines recommended by American Heart Association.


6. Hold off the intermittent fasting for now – May increase diabetes risk!

New research supports the fact that these fasting-type diets could be associated with long-term health risks and careful consideration and expert consultation should be made before implementing any new fasting diet into your routine.


7. Meditation can focus & sharpen your mind

Trinity College Dublin published an article that breaks down a recent study. It highlights that the research shows for the first time that breathing – which is done in these meditative activities can directly affect the levels of a natural chemical messenger in the brain called noradrenaline.

This chemical messenger is released when we are challenged, curious, exercised, focused or emotionally aroused, and, if produced at the right levels, helps the brain grow new connections, like a brain fertiliser. The way we breathe, in other words, directly affects the chemistry of our brains in a way that can enhance our attention and improve our brain health.


8. We need to reorganise the way we learn and work to be in tune with our natural rhythms

A Lancet Psychiatry study indicates that a disrupted body clock is linked with depression, bipolar disorder and other problems. Higher rates of major depression, bipolar disorder, more loneliness, lower happiness, worse reaction times and more mood instability were found in people with body-clock disruption.


9. Quit buying Teething products that contain benzocaine for your baby

The US Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to consumers last week to stop buying and using over-the-counter teething products that contain benzocaine.


10. Stop eating at least 3 hours before sleep for ultimate sleep quality

The Sherzai’s were exceptional speakers at the Food Revolution Summit.
In their book The Alzheimer’s Solution: A revolutionary guide to how you can prevent and reverse memory loss, they reported that when your gastrointestinal system is working to digest food, you don’t sleep as deeply and are more likely to wake up.

quality sleep

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