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What Everyone Ought to Know About Yin Yoga in 2019 (And 3 Incredible Benefits of Yin)

Yin Yoga In 2019
This post was last updated on March 12th, 2021 at 10:40 am

When most of us think of yoga, we picture an intense workout of bending into all sorts of pretzel-like shapes. While there might be some truth to that image, it ignores many of the other, powerful forms of yoga.

One of the most beneficial, lesser-known practices is Yin Yoga, which we’ll explore in this article. We’ll also take a look at 3 benefits of Yin Yoga, the best Yin Yoga on Youtube, and the best Yin Yoga Retreats in 2019.

And if you’re wondering who is best suited to do yoga, the answer is a resounding “everyone.”

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced, therapeutic type of yoga. Yin Yoga positions are floor-based and are thus seated or lying down. This characteristic differentiates Yin from the more active types of yoga.

The key to practicing Yin Yoga is finding stillness in each of the positions. Yogis find this stillness by maintaining each posture for at least five minutes. Many think of Yin as complementary to more active practices, as a way of balancing out their energies.

Now that you have a better understanding of what Yin Yoga is, you might be wondering, “Why practice Yin Yoga?” Here are 5 of the best Yin Yoga health benefits, which will motivate you to begin or continue your Yin practice.

Yin Yoga Benefits

1. Improved Sleep

Yin energy (Yin Qi) is yang energy’s (Yang Qi) counterpart. Sleep issues can occur when your body and mind are experiencing an imbalance of these two forces. Many practitioners use Yin Yoga to sleep with good reason.

There are plenty of sleep-inducing poses to explore for ​more rejuvenating rest​. In fact, many people even practice Yin Yoga in bed!

2. Increased Circulation

Yin Yoga targets the thick connective tissue ​known as the fascia​. Fascia connects the body’s muscles. So when fascia stiffens, it limits healthy blood flow. Luckily, regular Yin practice can help release stiffness in this powerhouse tissue.

3. Reduction of Stress and Anxiety

It’s 2019, and it seems that we all struggle with some form of stress and anxiety. Yin Yoga is a particularly calming practice. It helps ​soothe the nervous energy that so many of us battle daily.

yin yoga

What else do I need to know?

One of the non-health related benefits of Yin Yoga is its accessibility. Many people take Yin Yoga classes on YouTube. That way, they can practice Yin Yoga at home, making this yummy practice all the more comforting.

Best Yin Yoga on YouTube

The sheer quantity of yoga resources revolutionizes how we can practice. Many well-known teachers are transforming the world of Yin by offering classes free-of-cost. Travis Eliot​ and ​Paul Grilley​ offer some of the best free Yin Yoga videos out there.

Best Yin Yoga Retreat 2019

Whether you’re deep into your practice or only beginning Yin, consider a Yin Yoga retreat in 2019. There are a ton of retreats available and worth looking into.

However, remember to always conduct your own research before you buy. Based on our own research, there is one retreat that sticks out in particular for 2019.

How and where you practice Yin Yoga is up to you. Whether it be from the comfort of your own home or from a luxurious retreat in Spain, one thing is certain – you will find a balance of the mind, body, and soul.

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