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Self-care to give you the Edge in 2019. You better believe it.

Selfcare To Give You The Edge
This post was last updated on March 21st, 2019 at 08:03 pm

Productivity is less about managing your time and more about managing your energy.

— Michael Hyatt, Self-Care as a Leadership Discipline

The bigger your vision the more you have to prioritize self-care

Elon Musk has always been notoriously famous for pulling and promoting 120 hour work weeks.
He has been however noted to have said recently. “No one should put this many hours into your work. This is not good. People should not work this hard.”

Gary Veynorchuck same thing, although still known for hustle factor, today truly values the return of self-care rituals.
“If I could go back, I’d be working out and eating the way I’m doing it now all the way back since then.”

Acton-Smith, founder of Calm App was noted to declare at Web Summit 2018, that he believes that we are at the beginning of a wave around mental fitness and it look like he is right.

Michael Hyatt, leadership expert goes as far as to say that “the bigger your vision the more you have to prioritise self-care.”
In a presentation delivered at LeaderCast 2018, he explains the benefits of addressing your own needs first.  He claims that a series of self-care rituals have served to fuel his career and lays out the scientific evidence to back up the benefits.

If you think about self-care your have to acknowledge, your self is at the centre. Asking you to acknowledge the fact that your self is central, your health, your relationships, your children. your hobbies , your work you can better understand the return on investment on big self focus.

What is self-care?

Self-care according to Hyatt describes “the activities that make for a meaningful life outside of work while contributing to greater performance at work.”

There are a number of universal self-care rituals which have been scientifically proven to deliver results. Begin by focusing on physical energy. Sleep, nutrition, rest and exercise have massive impact on energy levels not to mention their impact on managing emotions and focus.

Once you have mastered the basics, there may be a number of other self-care activities you need to prioritize that may work for you on an individual level.

Self care to get ahead is about managing your energy

A good idea is to mix up some new self-care rituals to your routine and track their effects. Test what works for you and aim to implement.
Some ideas to try out:


Check in with yourself on a regular basis. Take time alone to reflect and recharge. What do you need? How can you help yourself? Take the time you need and make those changes. Remember you cannot give to others or to the world until you give to yourself what you need.

Monitor your energy levels

Set a reminder on your phone alarm to ring every hour and note your energy levels. You should be able to identify the times of the day that you have the most energy and then whether there is any pattern to it.

Schedule your most important work for your peak energy time

Schedule your most important work or activity for the time of day where you most often have the highest energy.

Prepare for drainers

Take note of what drains you and take action to either eliminate from your schedule or to marginally increase the habits that energise you that day.

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