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7 Ways to treat and cure Diabetes with Diet and Nutrition

This post was last updated on October 29th, 2018 at 07:55 pm
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Type 2 diabetes is characterized by insulin resistance. The goal is to normalize blood sugar levels & to reverse insulin resistance.

1. Lose weight

Even modest weight loss like 5-7 pounds has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity in people with diabetes.
• The more weight you lose, the better your results.
• Being at ideal body weight is the best.

2. Eliminate alcohol

• Alcohol in large amounts increases insulin resistance. Alcohol in large amounts is toxic and a cancer promoter.
• It is the flavonoids in red wine that is good for you, not the alcohol. You can get those same flavonoids by either drinking grape juice or better yet, eating the grapes or eating brightly coloured fruits and vegetables.

3. Eliminate animal protein

• Animal protein – meat and dairy increases insulin resistance and will promote the development of diabetes.
• When people convert to vegetarian diets, they frequently reduce their diabetes medicines by two thirds or if they go vegan , they can frequently cure their diabetes altogether. Dr Milton has experienced this with some of his patients.
• If you need to drink milk, switch to plant milks like rice milk, soya milk, cashew milk and so on.

4. Switch to a healthy low-fat diet

• Fat intake should be less than 20%.
• Saturated fat should be less than 10% of calories.
• Mono or polyunsaturated oils are preferable. However, have limited exposure.
• Reduce intake of fried foods and foods that are made with a lot of fat.

5. Have a good plant source of omega 3 fatty acids

• Avoid taking fish oils. (Full of mercury dioxins and other pollutants. ) These fish oils are actually made by plants – the algae which is in the ocean. They become concentrated in the fishes bodies after they eat the algae. You can actually get those omega 3 fatty acids directly. There is a company called Deva that sells Algae derived Omega 3 fatty acids.
• Have plant-sources of Omega 3’s such as walnuts, flax-seeds and chia-seeds. If you limit your overall fat intake your body will take those plant Omega 3 fatty acids and elongate them into 20-22 paraben long-chain fatty acids found in marine oils.

6. Switch to a high-fibre diet

• Avoid un-processed carbs – they have had their fibre removed. They are going to cause problems in terms of effecting the blood sugar level, also adversely affecting the colon and your bacteria. Studies show that processed carbs tend to cause you to select the wrong kinds of bacteria in your colon. The kind of bacteria that leads to inflammatory bowel disease and other metabolic problems etc
Even complex carbs (starches, grain, legumes) can still be processed meaning they can have their fibre removed. And if they have had their fibre removed that is going to cause problems in terms of effecting the blood sugar level, also adversely affecting the colon and your bacteria.
• Diets that are rich in plant- fibre helps more beneficial species in the colon that do a lot of wonderful things for you.
• Adding fibre to the diet also gives a more favorable blood sugar profile. Fibre modulates the absorption of blood sugar.

7. Exercise on a regular basis

• Do at least 30 minutes of good vigorous exercise every day.

Vegfest London 2017 – Vegan Health Summit – Dr Milton Mills

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